Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Problem With Pinkwashing and Other Corporately Sponsored Cancer Events

I want to briefly express my concern over a couple of issues. I've provided links that will help you do your own research, should you be interested:

Pinkwashing. Defined as a company who prominently displays the breast cancer pink ribbon all over their products and in advertising, and then sells products with one or more component in them that have been linked to cancer. This is why I personally place little personal importance in the ever-present pink ribbon campaign. Somehow, corporations have managed to take a once-good idea and twist it around for their own financial gain based upon an emotional trigger. This REALLY irritates me.

I wanted to provide that brief definition of pinkwashing because I will discuss pinkwashing in a future post. Here is some more in-depth information about the concept in case you are interested:

* A good blog entry on the subject by Anne Landman (scroll down a bit once you get there)

* Think Before You Pink - watchdog organization started in 2002

* A "Pinkwashing" Google search for more information

Another concern
. Big
deal walks (and other events) like the Susan G. Komen "3-Day for the Cure." Again, a great idea that I am wondering about. Has it become overly corporately directed as well? I have avoided these events in the past because I am not sure where the money raised is going, or what percentage goes where. Can Google help me find this information out? Yes, of course. Today I am musing over my general concern about this type of bigger-than-life stuff that goes on in raising money for "cures" but in reality may provide profit streams for something other than research or a cure. Because of my hesitation over this, in the past I have avoided these types of events and instead chosen to donate my money to a place where I know FOR SURE the money goes directly to the cause I want.

A related example: The Jerry Lewis Telethons. Now, please understand that I do not know anything about these. They seem to have been doing good work for decades. But common sense begs the question, "These telethons have raised 1.6 billion dollars since their inception in 1966 (43 years ago) towards finding a cure for Muscular Dystrophy. Is there some kind of cure or progress in sight in 2010? Where is all that money going anyway?" C'mon, I'm just asking! Aren't you wondering, too?

According to Google, the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon debate rages on, make your own conclusions

* Susan G Komen Wiki

* Susan G Koman Spending Scores High Marks -

* Google Susan G Komen

The reason for this blog post? Next post: After much thinking and research, I've overcome my hesitations and decided to participate in a Susan G Komen 3-Day.

Peace and love, Jen

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inadvertent farmer said...

I completely understand your hesitation...I have researched the same foundation and have also decided to participate.

My mom was just diagnosed (yesterday) with breast cancer...she has also battled and beaten late stage ovarian cancer (yes a miracle I know).

I did a fundraiser here at my home for the Susan G. foundation a month ago (in honor of my grandmother who also had breast cancer).

It is hard to know which of the many cancer 'research' foundations to support and which uses the money to go for the most good.

Good for you for caring enough to research your options. Good luck with your fight. Kim