Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Google: The Best Frenemy a Cancer Chick Ever Had

What is it about Google? Its allure is more tempting than a gallon of butter brickle ice cream after a really crappy day.

Like most people, I Google everything, even spellings of words that I am unsure of. Google is the exciting and enticing world of "others" at your finger tips.

But for a person grappling with cancer or other medical issues, it can be the biggest mixture of SOB/godsend/head trip/insomnia-maker there ever was. It got to my core the last cancer, but this time I am a smart veteran. I particularly love the forums where real people share real experiences and great tips with others who are about to embark on the same experience the poster just finished.

The problem is many of them could be saying things are aren't accurate or true. You have to decide, am I reading a friend or an enemy? You can't really know. Common sense prevails. Reader beware.

Of particular interest, I found a forum that had 1,450 posts to a Carac discussion board starting in 2006. I stayed up all night after my diagnosis reading each post to the end of the thread. I learned a ton of tricks which I believe will save me from inordinate pain and possible insanity during my Carac chemo run. Those voices, many from the distant past who have long ago moved past their own Carac experience and back into life, soothed like no other could. What a gift.

Some of them went beyond that and did something truly extraordinary. They photo blogged their experience. They put down the real "meat" (pun intended!) of the situation, no makeup, swollen bloody faces ... daring to look as ugly as they have ever looked ... to the world. I am going to try to do the same, if for no other reason to inspire someone to move forward through this scary experience like these people did me.

No promises, vanity may prevail. Here are two of my favorites. If you are squeamish, don't do it.

1) Just forehead:

2) Whole Face, view in IE only:

Two days until I start. There is less depression today because there is a lot to do.

Paix - Jen

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