Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Round Two: Let's Get Ready to Ruuummmmble!

Here we are, back in the ring for cancer, round 2. This time it's skin, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and its baby sister, actinic keratosis (AK). The similarities between the this cancer experience and the last one are eerie, but this time I am a veteran. I am stronger, smarter and even more resilient. Breast cancer one was a good teacher, and I was a good student.

Last time I was trying to figure it out. This time, I'm in charge. I won't make the same mistakes, maybe different ones. But I'll learn from those, too.

It's the same roller coaster though - shock - disbelief - anger - depression (lots of that) - self pep talks - friends who care - belief that it's all good. Then shock - disbelief .... around and around.

Other things are the same. The amount of sleep to be had is an inverse relationship to the time spent on Google researching. I have another really crappy doctor. Oddly, I haven't thought of Kris Carr in a long time, but when I woke up this morning she was on GMA pushing her new nutrition book which is actually just what I need now. Odder still, my Oncologist's office called just after that to check up on how things were going.

Some things are different. My health insurance bagged me after the breast cancer, turns out they don't like people who actually get sick, weird. So this time I have no insurance. Also I decided to make my cancer public, unlike last time I kept it quiet. I need the support this time. Last time the answer was to lop off a body part, this time the answer is a long, brutally painful round of chemo. I may decide to photo-document the chemo process here as there is nothing else like it that I can find on the Internet anywhere. I already took my "before" picture. What's to come after the "before" can barely be described. I don't know that I could get through it without having some purpose to it all.

Ding Ding, let the fun begin.

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